Philips TL 40W UV-B Narrowband Dermatology Lamp

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UV-B Narrowband TL

Tubular or compact single-ended low-pressure mercury vapor fluorescent lamps

Product Benefits
- Minimum side effects like redness, itching, and burns
- A shorter period of exposure and less erythemal radiation than conventional UVB lamps
- An optimal therapeutic effect with minimum side effects
- Proven to be most effective on the skin

Product Features
- Emit radiation for therapeutic and other applications

- Phototherapy in dermatology (psoriasis, SUP)
- These lamps produce UV-B radiation which is harmful to human skin and eyes.
- They are therefore only available for medical and industrial applications


Brand Philips


Voltage 105V
Wattage 40W


Base Tube Base G13
Bulb Type T38


Weight 0.9000



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